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7 day Challenge starts this coming week!

Manawatia a Matariki whanau! Matariki is New Years for Maori across Aotearoa, New Zealand and signifies a time when we take stock of the year that's s been, everything we have to be grateful for and looking to the future for how we can make our lives better, cpntribute more and be more. I spent the weekend and our first public holiday for Matariki with my whanau eating good food, spring cleaning, planning our future and enjoying the sun and rain.

So I wanted to share with y'all this week my plan to level up in hopes it will spur y'all to join me 😁😎🤩 I also have a bigger plan for the next stage on how we can shift into keto living as a group and am looking forward to sharing my 7 day eating plan l8r this week. If you'd like to join me for 7 days of keto living please like or love this post and let's get started!

In the lead up to trying the keto lifestyle there's some small changes you can make this week so the transition is easier. If you commit to one of these the transition will be that much easier. And don't worry if you mess up just get back to it for the next meal or time, no need to wait for the next day and go crazy the rest of the day as this will only set you back more. Our aim is for excellence over perfection 👍👌😎.

So here's my suggestions on small changes you can make this week before we jump into a 7 day eating plan for hitting ketosis and dropping some kgs, feeling more energy and losing that unwanted pain and inflammation.

1. Cut down/out your sugar intake. You can also replace it with sugar substitutes like monkfruit and stevia but still aim to cut out sugar as it encourages cravings for carbs.

2. Drink more water. I started by having a glass by my bed and drinking it first thing every morning. This hydrates your body so your internal organs are lubed up and ready to go. You will also help your body to detox and flush out unwanted toxins. When I syarted drinking more water I challenged myself that if I thought about having a drink of water I would get up and do it straight away. This created a bad ass habit for myself drinking plenty of water and helped me reach ketosis fast and stay there. You can also add any combination of cucumber, lemon, mint leaves or fresh/frozen berries to your drinks to help encourage you to drink more.

3. Cut out bread, pasta, rice etc. These can all be replaced with alternatives such as lettuce leaves for bread, konjac noodles (sprinkled with salt and rinsed well) instead of pasta or cauliflower rice. Replace bread with lettuce buns or just leave the processed carbs out altogether and add more protein, green veg and healthy fats to your meals such as avocado, fattier cuts of meat, nuts and seed etc.

4. Get more sleep if you need to. We should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night give or take . Believe it or not being deprived of sleep encourages our body to hold on to fat as our body perceives we are stressed and need all the fat we can get and keep but we know better!

Pick one change to make and stick with it for the week. Mine is more sleep, bed at 10pm and up at 6am and I've set a sleep time on my phone alarm. Whatever change you pick this will set you in good stead for changing your daily habits in the lead up to keto living. I hope you can all join me so we can all feel better in ourselves and in our lives. We can do this and we should because we deserve it! Please share what change you will be making this week so we can cheer eachother on!

In the words of John Maxwell "you'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine". Let's do this!

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